B Group was born, not from a hotelier’s heritage, or the purse of an accountant, or the efficiencies of an administrator. It was born from a divergent collective of creative minds: designers, architects, inventors, entrepreneurs and ultimately customers. All of whom recognise the powerful potential of truly memorable experiences.

The leader of the band is Andrew McIntosh: Entrepreneur, Media Channel Owner, Photographer and former adventure & accommodation operator, with a long history in travel and tourism, but more importantly an insatiable desire to be a generous, entertaining and a supportive host.

Our team work to one guiding light – to create memorable experiences that can be shared with both guests and staff alike. Individual experiences, shared experiences, experiences so good you want to share them with the world. So good, the industry sits up and realises just how far behind the eight ball they are. But by the time they’ve caught up, we’ll be another 10 steps ahead.

B Group’s success is defined by our ability to make the experience as personal as possible. We believe this with a passion. Be generous when others cut costs and corners. We aim to be the friend you wish you had everywhere you go, and always, always have fun in what you do. If we do this and encase it in an environment that is equally thoughtful and down-to-earth, we will undoubtedly create something special.

B’s innovative and contemporary offerings can be best described as moving the hotel and accommodation sectors towards that of the food and beverage sector. We are spoilt for choice in most New Zealand and Australian cities when it comes to innovative restaurants, cafes and bars yet the accommodation sector is still stuck in its ways with sterile lobbies, slow check-in processes and rooms with little interior style.

The culture behind B is driven by not what we do but why we do it. It’s that thinking that we believe produces great experiences. We don’t set out to do something special for what it is, it’s why we do it. You don’t try and climb Mount Everest for that actual feat, you do it for the “why”. Why you want to do it we believe is at the essence of wonderful experiences, businesses and people. So why B, why hotels and why these unique food and beverage experiences. It’s about doing something we can be proud of, it’s about doing something we can build from a fresh slate, to crave and ultimately stand back and watch our new friends engage with our creations. We believe if we look after the “why” the “what” will look after itself.

He aha te mea nui o te ao - What is the most important thing in the world?

He tangata, he tangata, he tangata - It is the people, it is the people, it is the people