Where was the last place you stayed that you loved? We’re guessing you didn’t love it for its bed or its fast check-in or its loyalty program. We’re guessing you loved the experience. At B it’s not about the cleanliness of the rooms or the fast check in, we believe those should be a given. For us it’s about connection, meeting fellow travellers, engaging in conversation, sharing stories over a drink or breaking bread together.

If you’re not having a good day or would simply prefer a little privacy you will love our designer rooms. If, on the other hand, you would like your stay to be a little more than just a bed then we know we can help. As a guest we would like you to remember your stay. That may be learning the process of artisan bread baking in our Mill bakery (adjoining the hotel) and sharing that experience with fellow guests. Best of all, have the bread toasted the next morning with your favourite coffee and our own handmade jams.

If you’re after some dinner you can share it with new friends by joining fellow travellers at the guest-only long table. Why not meet the chef in our herb garden and help create a little magic?

These are a new contemporary style of hotels. Our rooms feel more like a luxury home than a hotel. Fast wi-fi is of course free as is our mini bar stocked with bespoke items created just for you. Guys if your waiting for your better half to get ready, make yourself useful and try your hand at making an espresso martini using our in room kits.

We really do think it’s the experience and connection that is most important. It’s easy to provide a comfortable room but few do it with our level of warmth and personality.