We seek to take our food and beverage offerings beyond that of a normal restaurant and cafe. The majority of our product is sourced from our local farm which we own or lease whilst we work closely with local fisherman and farmers to supply our daily seafood and whole animals.

We make a huge effort to understand our produce and grow and harvest it in a sustainable manner and we invite guests to share in this passion via a country excursions. We run Provenance days where guests can visit our farms and orchards. These day outings are a celebration of the seasons. This paddock-to-plate cooking experience is suitable for all - The day includes foraging and harvesting in our gardens and orchards under the guidance of one of our head chefs before learning cooking techniques and getting hands on with the day culminating with lunch on the farm including our own vineyard wines.

We are committed to reconnecting the kitchen with the land. Our aim is to create a place where people can rediscover the simple pleasures of gathering and cooking with produce as close to its source as possible.

Sustainable farming practices are at the core of our philosophy. Our farm utilises a closed loop system introducing as few outside inputs as possible whilst our farmers and fisherman provide us with exclusive produce that is the very best in the market.

Our system is based on old subsistence farming techniques where farmers grew a range of food crops and animals that complemented each other to provide food for their families and local community. Ours gardens and orchards are based on these same organic principles growing heirloom varieties without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilisers.