The Mill venues are to be found at some of our new hotel sites. The venues will be open to the public but also offer hotel guests some exclusive experiences like learning how to make artisan breads.

The Mill is where we work but each day it feels a little more like our home. Our bakers rise at 4am to lovingly bake bread you can enjoy fresh for your breakfast.

Come inside and take a deep breath of the aromas, freshly roasted coffee and baking bread and remind yourself that today is going to be a great day. Breakfast is all about the toast. The best toast you have had since your mum gave you Sunday bread with butter and hundred and thousands. This is grown up stuff made by hand with love and the purest ingredients going around. Hey we even grind our own flour to make sure the goodness isn’t processed out…

We like to keep things pretty simple at The Mill, real food, good company and a laid back atmosphere.

Lunch and evenings we do what we think are the best artisan pizzas available, match that with boutique local wines and we think it’s a job well done.

We have designed a space we love and we hope you will too. It's industrial but warm and fun. We'd like it to be 'your' place; to meet, to eat, to chat, to laugh, to start your day, or to end your day. Either way, come relax, share and enjoy.

We really hope to see you at the Mill soon.