The road to creating “Vagabond” has been as much a journey of discovery and learning as it has about sharing. hence the name…

Vagabond “a person who wanders from place to place”

The venues being develop are a combination of a boutique brewery, distillery and cellar door.

As you would expect, the creation of fine spirits by hand demands an in-depth understanding of the intricate processes, timing, chemistry, ingredients and equipment that come together to produce them. While New Zealand’s history is uniquely coloured by a once-thriving distilling and boutique wine making industry times have changed that see most consumers purchasing main stream mass produced products. Vagabond is about going back to small batch wines and spirits that is also complimented by some amazing craft beers.

At Vagabond ours is a journey of discovery. We would love you to come and visit our venues in Auckland and Wanaka that are opening in 2019.